Project "Voisa" in China

Basiani and Giorgi Mikadze - project "Voisa" in Beijing, China
A multi-genre project “Voisa” is the name of the unique musical project that Giorgi Mikadze, a young Georgian composer and pianist, recently fulfilled together with his all-star band and ensemble Basiani/ბასიანი which has an enormous experience performing old and historic Georgian songs and chants. The Project represents the transformation of traditional Georgian culture in the midst of globalization and represents a cultural dialogue – combining Georgian folk music, jazz, funk, fusion, hip-hop, R&B, electric-acoustic music and micro-tonal directions. It is an unprecedented musical product that caters to a wide range of musical tastes.
“Voisa” is a kind of cultural collaboration, creating an organic mix of multi centurial Georgian folk music and contemporary musical trends.